We have been busy doing all things ‘Gorilla’ this week after being inspired by Anthony Browne. We reinacted the story, explored the colours used by the author to show emotions, made our own versions of the illustrations, retold the sort and even tried ballroom dancing.

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We have been looking at the Earth and how from time to time it reminds us that we are just passing through; It was here long before us and will be here long after us.

What is humility to you? How can we make sure we remain humble?


How do you want to appear online?

Do not say anything you would not say to someones face

Only share things you know or believe to be true

Never share personal information such as passwords.


Using these rules could you comment on our class blog.




We have been working on our measuring skills and have some top tips for reading scales.

find the nearest numbered division.

count how many divisions are between the 2 numbers.

use this to work out what each division means.

count on from the nearest number using that interval.


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