Plant survey

In Year 2 we have become very interested in plants. We decided to do a survey of the plants found in different parts of the school. Even though all the habitats were grassy we found different plants in different areas of the school.  The new grass outside Year 6 only had one or 2 species. Whereas the grass outside Year 3 had many more including birds foot trefoil and clover. Interestingly no buttercups or daisies were found here; they were only found in the shade of the trees. Top science year 2, well done!



Trial of Rat, Rabbit and Fruit Fly

In the book frog Belly Rat Bone  there are 3 thieves who steal some treasure. in class we gave them a trial.



Here is a transcript:

Tell us why   we shouldn’t throw you in jail?
we said we   are sorry
Why did you   do it rat?
I just   wanted it for my self
If you knew   they were wondrous riches would you still have stolen them?
No I   wouldn’t they have made Cement land beautiful.
Why did you   do it Fruit Fly?
I just   wanted to impress I’m sorry.
What about you   Rabbit?
I didn’t   want to seem like a chicken. Rat always tells me what to do
Why are you   both blaming Rat, you have a mind of your own?
it’s true   she did make us
If she told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? Can you see your in trouble now!
Do you not   know the correct way to behave?
I feel so   guilty
Yes I’m   really disappointedWe decided Rabbit and Fruit Fly should not be punished. They were put up to it by Rat who used them. However we though Rat was guilty and should be made to plant more seeds to make cement land pretty.


Countryside live day

SAM_2142 SAM_2086 SAM_2133 SAM_2101


Year 2 went to the countryside live day. At writing club we recorded what we did for the blog.

We went to the country. The day out was fun because we made a real fire. It was really fun. We saw a show of sheep and the sheep danced to the music and my favourite was the one who showed its bum and wiggled it.  I held a tarantula without any gloves. The tarantula was not scary. It had six long hairy legs.


We went on a school trip to the countryside. We went to the woods and made sparks to set a fire.Next we went to see different creatures. They were scary. We got to hold them but they did not harm anyone. The day was fun.


Frog Belly Rat Bone 123

IMG_0172 IMG_0181 IMG_0174 IMG_0179

We have enjoyed reading Frog Belly Rat Bone this week and we were particularly taken by the character Frog Belly. We decided to have a go at making our own. We used twisted wire and (not so wet and soggy) socks just like in the book!  Some children even added prickly underwear like in the story.





The foxes we see in story books are often different to the beautiful creatures we see in real life. Year 2 have been trying to get to the bottom of this mystery by reading several traditional texts and seeing how the fox is portrayed. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class.