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  1. Once upon a time there was a tiny cat called Bob. He was as fluffy as a pompon and loved cuddles. One day he was lazing around in the sun. Suddenly a ferocious dog appeared and chased him snapping at his tail. The dog chased him all the way to the other side of town. So there he was lost, scared and cold. He didn’t know where to turn.
    Soon his owners started to worry. They searched high and low all over town.
    In the end they found him cowering under a bench. “Oh Bob, let’s take you home!”

  2. Once upon a time a boy went to the Spain who name is Benjamin. I stayed with my family for five days which I enjoyed. One day I walked to the sand beach and I made a beautiful sand castle suddenly my cousin break it, So I made it one more time. In the end I back Leeds by the Airplane and I wish I come back to Spain.

  3. Once upon a time there was little girl called Lilly she lived in a cottage in the wood. One day the little girl decided to go pick some delicious berries but she heard a scary noise in the bushes.
    Suddenly a fairy flew out of the bushes she was shocked to see the girl stood there picking berries.
    So she introduces her self to the girl. She said my name is Lubaya the magic fairy what is your name. The little girl bravely said my name is Lilly.
    In the end Lilly and Lubaya the magic fairy became best of friends and they lived happily ever after.

  4. Once upon a time there was a little girl called Milly, she was pretty and cool. One day Milly decided that she wanted to be an artist who loved painting bright colours on everything. Suddenly she decided to decorate the whole school without permission. So that day Millys favourite colour was neon orange and she did paint all the school in this fantastically fizzy fused colour. Milly did not stop painting until her little arms got tired. In the end Milly decided she didn’t like orange and she didn’t know how she was going to explain this to the headteacher.

  5. Once upon a time there were two little cheeky monkeys called Olivia and Sophie who were known to be rascals . Their favourite trick to play on people was to put banana skins on them and laugh. One night they went to the brightly lit hilarious fair. Suddenly the roller coaster broke with a loud crash! So the two little monkeys swung down to the ground with their tails giggling along the way. In the end the monkeys were super safe and the fair closed until Friday, which meant the monkeys went back to their normal tricks, throwing smelly banana skins.

  6. Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Andrea.One day she went to the park to meet her friends. Suddenly she heard a bark and saw a puppy running to her. The puppy was all alone and sad so Andrea asked her mum if she could keep the puppy. So Andrea checked the collar but there wasn’t a collar around the puppy’s neck. Andrea decided to put up posters around the streets to try and find the owner. In the end the owner of the puppy saw a poster and was very happy to see the puppy.

  7. Once upon a time there was a great man called sadness. He was a blue boy with green hair and purple eyes he was a very colourful boy.
    He Went to space to find planet happiness.
    When sadness arrived at planet happiness sadness found a shiny rainbow peace he said wow.
    As he walked towards it he started to feel a warm glow of happiness that made him feel happy again.
    Sadness had found what he was looking for.
    He was ready to go home.
    As sadness arrived back she said wow that was amazing.
    And decided to change his name to happiness and he lived happily ever after.

  8. Once upon a time there was 5 ninja’s. The powerfulest was the one with four arms and he had 4 ninja’s to help him. The ninja’s all had powers. One had fire, one had ice, one had lightning and the last ninja had dirt.

    One day they were fighting the Robin, he could control mind’s and take them. The ninja and there boss were going to be defeated. Suddenly sensai came and knocked Robin in the water. X Robin couldn’t swim but he had a ship nearby.
    He got in and was never seen again.

  9. Once upon a time there was a little girl called Suzie.
    One day she went on a big adventure to the wildlife park.
    suddenly she bumped into A giraffe and the giraffe said hello suzie would you like to come on adventure in to jungle .suzie climbed onto the giraffes back and they speedily ran all the way to the jungle. Suddenly a monkey landed on suzie head he took suzie to his tree where he lived .Suzie played with the baby monkeys they were swinging though the trees suddenly suzie landed on her bum in the end it had been a lovely dream

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