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Thank you to all the parents who turned up to our class assembly. Here are some of our rehearsal pictures. We loved working towards to show and it was amazing that 30+ people turned up to support us. It really did make it a special occasion.

Please leave comments to let us know what you thought and also what you learnt about Captain Cook!

Thank you to Stella’s mum for sending a lovely photo of Benjamin Bretten’s Storm dance in action!

2 thoughts on “Class assembly

  1. Hello 2 S B. We absolutely loved coming to watch your assembly. It was so imaginative and interesting. It felt like we were watching a film. I loved the dancing waves and how the crew in the ship were moving in time with the force of the sea. Jaiden was an amazing look out, such great balance! I felt very sorry for captain cook when he was mercilessly chucked overboard because a) he wasn’t dead in real life and b) that school floor is hard compared to the sea; but it seemed as if Stella was tough stuff and handled it professionally. We learnt lots about captain cook and his crew but also how brilliant mr spink is and how solid your class is as a team and group of friends. Thank you.

  2. Well done everyone! You were all fantastic! I didn’t know that Captain Cook was killed in a fight or that he was buried at sea, I really enjoyed your dramatic performance, thank you for inviting us! Jenny

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