Frog Belly Paintings

Today we used our colour mixing skills to make lots of different greens for our Frog Belly pictures.

We made careful pencil drawing and then added our colours in blocks to create the effect of a patched up old monster.

Shape work

We have been busy looking at 2D shapes this week. We needed to be very precise in our language when describing a square and a rectangle. This was a challenge at first but we got there! We also became more confident when looking at sites, vertices and lines of symmetry. 

Science Week

Some strange eggs were found in the classroom. We had to use our weighing skills to find the mass of each egg using a balance. We then read facts about each bird and successfully matched the bird to  the correct egg!

Habitats Work Science

After discovering some strange creatures in our classroom, we set to work trying to identify where they came from! We put them in a choice chamber and found out they preferred dark over light, dry over damp and sand over no sand. From this we worked out that perhaps their habitat was somewhere dry, dark and sandy.

Maths Week- Enterprise Game

We loved the enterprise game. The aim of game was to make as many shapes as possible and sell them to Miss Savage. The teams or businesses had to spend a £5 budget on materials and equipment such as paper, scissors and rulers.

After every round Miss Savage bought the shapes. The businesses could then decide to invest the revenue in more equipment or put the money in the bank to earn interest.

The winning team ended up with £3.46. Not quite a profit but a very soon effort. I’m sure with another couple of rounds many of our businesses would have made a profit.